Monday, October 28, 2013

October 18

Pumpkin carving time!!!  Addi did not like sticking her hand in there at all and I had to beg her to do it for this pic!  YUCK!

October 17

We found a new YUMMY restaurant!  It's called Burger Fi and it's in downtown Kennesaw!  Omg......the burgers are so good and the fries are DELISH!!!  You should try it if you are in the area!

October 16

Drew and Harper all dressed for fall!

October 15

See this cute little shoe?? It went on quite an adventure today!  Addi had these on and when we got home she had taken them off in the car.  I told her to go get them and bring them in.  She came in with one and said she couldn't find the other one.  I wasn't too worried at the moment...I was busy doing stuff.  About a half hour later I had to run to Kroger so I left the kids here with Keith.  I went to Kroger and was headed back, yakking on my phone (as usual) and I happen to see in the middle of Ridge Road (which is quite busy for those of you not familiar) a little brown shoe.  I just kept driving and chatting for a minute and then all of a sudden...something popped into my head.  That looks like Addi's shoe.  But it couldn't be because we had not even gone this way earlier.  So I pull into a school and go look in the back seat to find her missing shoe from earlier.  It's not there.  Couldn't be her little shoe laying in the middle of a busy could it???  So you know I had to turn around and go back.  I creep up on it because there wasn't any traffic at the moment....and sure enough....IT'S HER DANG SHOE!  I pull in someones driveway (hopefully they weren't peeking out their windows), wait for the cars to pass and run out and rescue the shoe! Luckily (and surprisingly) it had not been run over and was in it's original condition! OMG!!!!!

October 14

This was just a random little boy at the festival we went to yesterday!  LOVE his costume! Mom said it cost her less than $10 and she could reuse most of it!!  (Parents gave full permission to take and post his pic).

October 13

We took Addi to a little festival at a car dealership in town!  This was her walking down the runway in the costume contest!  She didn't win but she was still the cutest (we thought anyway).

October 12

Our annual trip to the patch!  This year we decided to try Cagle's and it was pretty fun! The scenery wasn't quite as nice as Burt's, but it was MUCH closer!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 11

It was PINK OUT night at the high school football game in honor of breast cancer!  It was so cool to see the sea of pink that everyone had on!!  This really means a lot to me especially since my Mom died of breast cancer!

October 10

A perfect fall day to rake leaves!  We went to the park and Addi had a blast raking and playing in the leaves!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 9

Aren't these little McDonald's Happy Meal toys just the cutest?  I wasn't really interested at first and then I saw Dorothy and had to have them all.  Of course, by that time they had been out for a while so I couldn't find the lion ANYWHERE (yes, I even asked on Facebook).  Finally, had to resort to Ebay and just paid a tad more that a regular Happy meal so not too bad!!

October 8

It is hunting season and if Keith wants to go...he either takes this girl with him or we have to distract her while he sneaks out to go "to work".  She is his little shadow and loves to follow Daddy to the woods!

October 7

Now that Addi is in Pre-k all day....I am free to sub again!  I love it!  It seems like I know people at almost every school so it is fun too see everyone and catch up.  Oh, and I LOVE the kids!

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 6

We met Jackie and her fmaily at Cracker Barrell.  After we ate, we hing outside on the rocking chairs for a while.  Greg and Taylor decided to try a (not so) friendly game of checkers.  As you can see by Taylor's face.....she still has not gotten over the sore loser attitude that she has had since she was 4 and playing Candy Land!!!

October 5

Drew wanted to go to the football game but I am not ready to drop him off at a high school game like he wanted us to.  So I said we would all go and he could just pretend we weren't there.  Addi had the best time.  I think I need to invest in some Hornet wear for her because I have a feeling we will be going to a lot of these games!  Fun night!!

October 4

Happy Birthday, Todd!  I seriously can't believe that he is 30 YEARS OLD!!!  Seriously???

October 3

Drew in one of his new winter outfits!  It just makes me giggle how into his clothes and appearance he is!

October 2

Meet Suzy Homemaker....aka, my sister Jackie.  When we take Drew to church on Wednesday nights, it's close to her house so we usually just visit with her instead of making two trips.  Tonight she declared that she was going to make us all dinner (Keith had JUST flown in from DC).  Well, when I call her Suzy Homemaker, I joke....because like me (and our mother) she is not.  We all hate to cook.  But it was the funniest thing....when we got there she was SO into cooking this meal.  We were all cracking up.  It looked like Thanksgiving was about to happen.  You should have seen the look on Greg's face when he walked in from work.  We had crescent chicken, fresh corn on the cob, broccoli rice casserole and Taylor made a cherry cobbler.  And it was YUMMY!!! I told her I think we should make this a Wednesday night tradition.  She didn't really agree.

October 1

Hiram High School has a (very) small hometown parade every year fro homecoming.  I always like to go and take the kids because we see all of the kids that I have had in school through the years and they are all grown up now.  I love seeing them.  This year, Drew was really into it because he is getting closer to high school and really knows a lot of the kids.  This is Isaiah, my next door neighbor.  I have known this kid since he was 3 and he is a junior now.  He used to terrorize Drew's toys and we were constantly telling him not to ride this or throw that, etc.  But now he is a big 16 year old football player and just as sweet as pie!