Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 19

Addi's pre-k class had their little Thanksgiving lunch and program today!  It was so cute!  She had quite a crowd of family members there: Mommy, Daddy, Papa, Grandma, Sissy, Harper, Taylor and Jackie!!!

November 18

I was so excited to find out that the author of the Elf on The Shelf books (Chanda Bell) was at the school where I was working today!  I wish Addi could have met her!  I snuck into the library and got a quick picture with her!

November 17

My girl is sick!  Poor thing!  She woke up two nights in a row crying with her ear hurting so Keith took her to urgent care!  Yep, she has an ear infection!  First one in almost 3 years since she had her tubes put in!!

November 16

We all....and I do mean ALL went to my dad's house to help them put out their Christmas decorations!!  They have a zillion boxes of decor that they love to put out and it is just getting to be too much for them do do by themselves!  It was a fun day with everyone together!

November 15

Me and sweet Harper!  I LOVE having a baby in the family again!!!!!

November 14

I snapped a picture of this at Addi's school!  I love things like this!  So cute!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 13

I have been at Hutchens Elementary all week.  I really love it there because a lot of the teachers form PB Ritch (Drew's school from K-5th) moved there so I know a ton of people there!  Also, one of my best friends, Tiffany is a teacher there.  Today I got to work right across the hall from her and we even got to have lunch together!  She is an awesome teacher!!!

November 12

I took this picture of the white board at school today of the date! I love things like this!

November 11

I was the mystery reader for Addi's class today!  She just smiled and smiled when she saw me me!!!

November 10

DREW JAMES has an IPhone!!!  (And I do too!!!!!!).  Shout it from the roof tops!  I think we are the last people on earth to have possession of one!  Drew was sooooo happy!!  I mean beyond excited to finally get his grubby little paws on his new phone!

November 9

Almost the whole family went out to dinner to a pizza place today!  I think there were 19 of us!  Poor waitress!

November 8

Drew at his school's dodge ball tournament!  He is quite the ladies man these day and LOVES to mingle with the girls!

November 7

Harper and her great grandpa...AKA Papa!

November 6

Taylor is constantly taking my camera and goffing off with it!  When I downloaded my pictures today, I found this up side down pic!  Silly Girl!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 5

Another pic that Drew took.  He got out of the car in a store parking lot to take this picture of the sky.  And insisted I put it on my blog for my picture of the day.  So for your utmost viewing it is!!

November 4

Drew is all into my camera lately.  He is constantly borrowing it and when I upload my pics I find all kinds of selfies that he has taken.  This made me giggle!!!

November 3

Ok, I had to get Keith to pull over so I could take this pic and have this documented.  It is November 3 and our little town is ALL decked out for Christmas! These cute little lights are all over the poles up and down the street. Seriously...people????!!??

November 2

OMG!  Look at this cuteness!  Shannon took Harper to get her pics taken (again) and this was a sneak peek she put up on Facebook!  Is that not the cutest thing ever????

Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 1

Had to share this pic of the cousins getting ready to head out TOT!  Taylor was a leopard and Tay 2 was her hunter!  Hannah was a cheerleader mummy (I think), Holley was a dead cowboy.  Addi was a butterfly and Drew was a dead teenager.  He told me for weeks that he wasn't dressing up and then when he saw everyone else dressed up he changed his mind so Taylor painted his face!

October 31

It was a PERFECT night for trick or treating.  Not too hot, not too cold...the wind was blowing just a little!!!We had a fun time tonight!  Happy Halloween!

October 30

Addi being silly in her Gymboree skeleton pj's!!

October 29

I am a Gymboree-aholic!  It is a known thing to everyone who knows me (and even lots who don't).  I have become friends with the store manager at the Avenue store!  She called and asked me if I could bring Addi over for a project that the regional manager needed to do.  When we got there....he needed her handprints for an apron he was making to take to the regional meeting next week in Orlando!  Addi was happy to oblige and her and Maury became instant friends!  The funny things is...we came right from school and Tammy didn't call me about it until today so Addi was not wearing Gymbo!  But even better....she was wearing their sister store (and much more expensive) brand Janie and Jack!

October 28

Look who came in 3rd place in the pumpkin decorating contest!!  Yay Addi!

October 27

Trunk or Treat at Poplar Springs tonight!!!

October 26

Took Drew shopping for some winter clothes today!  He cracks me up with his clothes.....he is so into them!  This is so typical bags in one hand and Starbucks drink in the other!

October 25

We took Addi to her fall festival at school today!  She has been so excited about it for weeks and it was finally time!!!

October 24

OMG!!!  Look what came in the mail today!  Are these not the cutest??  They are for our upcoming Disney trip which Addi has no idea about!  She is going to flip when she sees these little gems!

October 23

Not sure why I feel the need to post this why I even took it for that matter.  But today when I was leaving school, I was driving away and this little (big) guy was plastered onto my windshield.  I took out my camera (yes, while driving...I am good at multi-tasking) and snapped his pic!  he held on for about 4 miles and then suddenly...he was just gone!  Poor thing!

October 22

Addi's class is having a pumpkin decorating contest!  Here she is painting her pumpkin!!

October 21

Addi was sooo excited that Daddy got to take her to school today!  he is usually long gone before it's time for her to go but he had to catch a late plane today so it worked out for him to take her!

October 20

Taylor is very involved with her sorority at college!  She loves it!  Today we all got to go to a breast cancer fundraiser that was put on by her sorority!  It was a perfect day and an even more perfect cause!!!

October 19

My little boy is growing up!  South Paulding had their middle school homecoming dance(I know...since when does MS have homecoming dances??) today.  He met a group of friends in downtown Douglasville for pics.  I have looked at these a million times.  He looks so darn cute.....if I do say so yself!