Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 28

Jackie and I took the girls to a jumpy place called Catch Air.  It was really cute and lots of fun!

July 27

Celebrated my Dad's 75th birthday today with lots of friends and family at Maggiano's.  Happy Birthday to my sister, Jackie today too!

July 26

Concert in the Park at Marietta Square!  Greg, Jackie (holding Harper), Addi and Holley

Friday, July 26, 2013

July 25

Sweet Harper is 3 months old today!!  That went by fast.  She is smiling and developing quite a little personality!!! We just love her to pieces!!!!

July 24

Today we ended up at Marietta Square.  This summer has been very wet and cool compared to most so the weather was perfect to just let the kids play at the park.  They asked us if the could put their feet in the fountain...and we let them.  Within minutes this was what was happening.  Jackie was getting all bent out of shape and I said to just let them go....they were having a blast! YOLO!

July 23

All of the girls went to lunch at the Red Eyed Mule.  It is a local burger place with the BEST hamburgers ever.  It has even been featured on the Food Network.  

July 22

Keith had to go to Memphis for work so Drew decided he wanted to go with him,  They flew out this morning.  They took some pictures so I will add a pic when he gets back!  It's just me and Addi so we have declared it "Girl's Week".  Yay!!!

July 21

Addi and Daddy playing on the beach!  Addi was so excited to have her Daddy's undivided attention and just play with him!  So sweet!

July 20

We went to the Orlando outlets so we decided to visit Downtown Disney and we ate at Rainforest Cafe.  I LOVE being there and it made me and Drew really, really excited about our upcoming Disney trip in November!!  (Addi doesn't know we are going yet).

July 19

Shannon, Drew and Addi feeding the fish off a boat dock!  Wish Todd would have been in this picture!

July 18

This was a very cool water park at the resort!  We were in the pool or beach ALL day today!  It was soo much fun!

July 17

After being with the kids for almost a full day by myself.....I got to request how we spent the next day.  This picture pretty much sums it up!!

July 16

All of the other adults went out on a deep sea fishing excursion so I volunteered to have kid duty.  I will say getting them all out to the beach and making sure no one drowned, wandered away or got sunburned was quite a task but still a fun day watching them play in the waves!

July 15

We got to the beach house very late but we insisted that Shannon keep Harper awake so we could see her.  This is Addi and Harper watching a movie not long after we got there.  Precious!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 13

Happy Birthday to my brother in law, Greg today!  I forgot how old he is (but it's OLD). We celebrated at Provino's! Yummy!

July 12

Chick Fil A National Cow Day!!!  We forgot about this last year and Addi has not let me forget since.  I worked for several hours this week to get our costumes ready.  The free food was cool but just going and seeing all of the ruckus was soooo fun.  This is a new yearly tradition for us!

July 11

This is heaven on earth for me.  And it's in my own backyard!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (did I say love???) some summertime homegrown tomatoes.  Keith got some plants back in the spring when our bank was giving them away and he has been babying them since.  It was worth the effort because I found this gem out there this morning.  I brought it in...washed it, sliced it, sprinkled with salt and pepper and ate it with a fork. That was my lunch today!  Yes, mam!!!

July 10

The Deese family had to put their dog of 12 years, Bailey to sleep.  She was sick with kidney failure.  They got a new puppy today.  It is a Morkie (?????).  That's a combination of something but I never really heard what.  His name is Rugby and he is just precious!!!!

July 9

Day at the movies!!!

July 8

Westridge held a kids skating party so Jackie and I took the kids.  This was Addi's first real time on skates and it was hilarious.  She couldn't even stand for a second so the skates soon came off and she played in the playground the rest of the night!

Friday, July 12, 2013

July 7

Oh my!  I am NOT a cook.  I'm just not.  I told Keith that the first night I met him but I guess he didn't really believe me. he does now!  He wanted pizza so I decided I would make homemade pizza.  Took me forever...made the dough, cooked the meat and then made 4 separate halves to suit everyone's taste.  Went to put it in the oven and wala!!!...the oven was ICE COLD.  Hmmm....Keith pulls it out from the wall and decides that the heat element was out on it. (The stove worked just fine).  Soooo....I called my neighbor and asked her if I could cook the pizzas at her house.  No problem.  So I go over there and we literally stand in the kitchen and watch them the whole time they were cooking.  Wrap them up in towels and bring them home to eat.  We are all STARVING by this point.  I go to cut them and the bottoms on both are BLACK.  I just don't get how it could be but it was and the whole mess went in the trash and I sent Keith to Little Cesar's.  So much for Betty Crocker and her home cooked pizza!  Hmmmpff... 

July 6

Addi and Daddy trading hair pieces! So cute!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 5

Shannon bought Keith a Nascar ride for Father's Day!  So we drove down to Atlanta Motor Speedway for him to go!  the car went up to 170 mph.  This was right up his alley!!!

July 4

Happy 4th of July!  Today was a TOTAL washout!  All fireworks and outside events were canceled due to rain and thunderstorms.  It was pretty sad!  We changed our plans and decided to go out to eat instead.  We went to Marietta Diner and then hit up Krispy Kreme for dessert!  Then watched the neighbors shoot fireworks and played games for the rest of the night! 

July 3

I had to snap a pic of this little curl hanging down Addi's back! So cute!

July 2

 Grandma Shirley holding Harper!

Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1

It's Addi's turn to go and spend the night with Sissy!  She was beside herself with excitement (and so were Drew and I ;) ).

June 30

Addi in the pool at a birthday party for her preschool friend, Gabby!

June 29

Addi is so curious about Shannon breast feeding.  She thinks it's just the funniest thing.  I caught this pic the other day and it made me giggle!

June 28

Harper has started smiling.  It is soooo sweet!!!

June 27

Drew has a new addiction.  Heaven help's Starbucks.  He loves going in there and ordering something from the "secret menu".  Yes...heaven help me!!!