Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 30

Strawberry Picking!  We finally made it to Harry Stacey Farm to pick some strawberries!  Addi loves this and it was a perfect day for it! Now I have a HUGE basket of strawberries and need to figure out what to do with them before they spoil!

Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29

Greg's (Jackie's husband) mother, Betty!  When Jackie told me they were going out to dinner to celebrate her birthday at Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse....I invited myself   This is mine and Drew's favorite restaurant!  She didn't mind that we crashed the party....they have been together so long that it feels like we are all family anyway!  Happy Birthday, Betty!

April 28

Addi FINALLY got to meet Harper.  She wasn't allowed at the hospital so she had to wait until they came home.  Todd said in 12-13 years she will be picking her up and they will be hanging out together!  (I can't wait for that....NOT!!!!)

April 27

Holley turns 8 years old!  Where did that time go???  She is such a sweet girl and the BIGGEST tomboy you have ever seen.  Happy Birthday, Sweet girl!

April 26

Harper during her photo shoot at the hospital  I told you she was perfect!!!

April 25

She's here!!! Harper Marie White popped into the world at 11:36 pm weighing 6 pound 2 ounces.  She is just a tiny thing but soooooo cute.  She is perfect in every way!! We are all in love with her already and fight over who gets to hold her next!

April 24

Shannon went to the doctor today and they sent her straight to the hospital to be induced due to high blood pressure (like mother, like daughter). This was right after her epidural and she was feeling GREAT! 

April 23

Happy Birthday, Shirley!!  We met them for lunch out by Perimeter Mall and had a nice little birthday celebration!

April 22

Addi and I celebrating Earth Day!  They had a little celebration up at the square in Dallas so I decided to take her up there after I picked her up from school!  Perfect day to celebrate our earth!

April 21

We decided to go to the Big Shanty festival in Kennesaw today!  It was a GORGEOUS Georgia spring day and we had a great time!  Addi insisted on bringing her doll stroller and (of course) Daddy caved and let her bring it.  Ugggghhhh....not a good idea.  There were so may people and there she was pushing that (dumb) thing through the crowd. But I will is precious to see a little girl with a doll stroller!!

April 20

This is our little neighbor that I used to babysit, Malena.  Bless her heart she has been through so much.  She has a speech problem and also overcame eye cancer where she lost her eye and had to have a prosthetic eye put it.  But she is doing sooo well and is just the cutest little thing!  So glad we got to celebrate her 6th birthday with her!

April 19

My niece  Taylor all dressed up and looking cute (as usual) for her sorority formal!  She is a gorgeous (and very sweet) girl!  Love her!

April 18

It's that time of year again...consignment sale!  I LOVE doing these for some odd reason.  I have about 3 people who I sell for too.  They give me their clothes and I take care of everything for them and deliver their check to them when it's over.  It's like a little business for me!  I really didn't have a ton this time because I sold most of it on Ebay but I still made a nice little check!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 17

We met Jackie, Taylor, Belinda and the girls for dinner.  The kids were being so quiet and when I looked to see why....this is what we found.  They were all playing on phones.!

April 16

Addi had a Build a Bear Gift Card from her birthday and she was driving us CRAZY to take her.  Here she is making her rainbow bear, Hannah!

April 15

Uggghhhh!  This is what I woke up to this morning.  A week's worth of dirty clothes!  Oh joy!

April 14

The weather was gorgeous!  On the last day we found an awesome park.  Here's Daddy just sitting back relaxing!

April 13

We went to the Nature Museum one day.  They had a live butterfly garden.  Addi was in her happy place.  She could have stayed in there for hours!

April 12

Drew actually heard about this place and asked if we could go.  It was called Sky Zone and it is pretty much just wall to floor trampolines.  They had a 2 hour special the day we went so they wore themselves out jumping!! 

April 11

They have the coolest ever library there.  It is like 3 stories high and seriously like a hands on museum and it's a library so it's free.  We stayed there for like 3 hours and both kids were happy as can be the whole time.  This was in the middle!

April 10

This was Addi every afternoon about 5:00.  Sitting in the window waiting to see Daddy pull into the parking lot!  He would come right under the window each day and wave at her.  Made her day!

April 9

We rode their version on Marta into the city one day to explore.  It was so nice because it was right beside our hotel so we could just walk to the station and it was much less stressful than riding Marta!

April 8

We hit up the Children's Museum the first day.  It was a tad crowded in the morning but by mid afternoon we pretty much had the place to ourselves.  It was great because there were things for every age group so they were both happy.  (Me too!)

April 7

ROAD TRIP!  It was spring break so we decided to tag along on a business trip with Daddy! We spent the week in Charlotte, NC.  I researched before we left and found a ton of cool things to do!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 6

The Mommy to BEE at her third and final shower. Harper has everything a newborn baby could ever want or need.  We are READY for her to come now!!!!

April 5

I love this picture of Addi.  So cute!!!

April 4

Keith and his new bow!  He has been waiting for this for a long, long time.  As soon as he got in from out of town, him and Addi headed to Villa Rica to pick it out.  He is like a little boy with a new toy!

April 3

I HATE pics of me!  HATE them.  So consider yourself lucky that I am adding this pic ;)!  But I had to so I could say Happy Anniversary to my sweetie today!!!! Love you!! (as if he reads this....ha!)

April 2

I made these for Shannon's BEE themed shower this weekend.  I love how they turned out!  Can't wait!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 1

Haircuts!!!  Both kids got a very much needed haircut today.  I have been meaning to take them for a few weeks and kept getting side tracked.  I had about 3 inches taken off of Addi's and Drew's pile on the floor was huge too!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

March 31

The annual pic of the kids waiting to hunt eggs!  I almost didn't get this and everyone insisted.  I guess it is a tradition now!  It was just starting to rain so we had to hurry but the kids didn't care!

March 30

Addi hunting eggs at Burnt Hickory Baptist!  We love their events and try to go to all of them!!

March 29

A cute pic I took of Shannon!  One more month til baby Harper gets here!  We can't wait!!

March 28

Addi dying Easter eggs!  We couldn't get Drew to participate this year! :(

March 27

Addi hunting eggs at her preschool egg hunt!

March 26

For those of you that don't know....these are Beats.  I call them the $200 headphones (kinda like the $15 socks...which are Nike Elite socks).  Well, Drew's teacher told them to bring headphones to school so they could use them at the computers.  Soooo....instead of the $5 headphones from Five below, he took the $200 headphones to school.  Well, right as the bell rang to dismiss for the day a new kid at school that Drew doesn't really even know snatched them from his hands and ran to the bus.  OMG!  Poor Drew came to the car crying (which is a big deal in middle school), he was so upset.  I parked and went in and we talked to the on campus police officer and the principal.  They called his house and didn't get an answer so they said they would handle it the next day.  Well, thank goodness he gave them to someone else who promptly turned them in.  Whew!  The police officer called me and said the boy was arrested and expelled.  Wow!  They don't mess around.  Good lesson for Drew (now that we got them back) because I betcha he won't take them back to school again!