Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30

Sibling LOVE!  They do love each other....they just don't act like it most of the time!

September 29

We finally made it to the fair on the last day (after getting rained out on Wednesday).  Addi has been talking for weeks about riding the ferris wheel. NO WAY was I getting on that thing so Greg offered to take her (Daddy was out of town).  Holley said she wasn't going because she doesn't like heights (my kind of girl), but at the last minute she changed her mind.  The first few rounds were hilarious because the look on her face was of pure terror.  By the third round, she was smiling and when she got off she said she loved it.  Addi wasn't scared a bit and was ready to go again!!

September 28

Day out at the movies with the cousins!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

September 27

We have another Wing-aholic in our family!  Drew has eaten wings (almost exclusively, lol) since he was 3 and his little sister is following in his footsteps.  She LOVES them.  And she likes them hot too!!

September 26

My dad "Pole Dancing" at a restaurant! Our family is CRAZY when we all get together.  We do have so much fun though!

September 25

School is out this week for Fall Break.  Any time Drew gets the chance he loves to go spend time at Shannon's house!  We met at Chcik Fil A for him to go spend a few days with the White family!

September 24

Those of you who know me...know I am NOT a cook.  In fact, I hate to cook or even be in the kitchen. I won't even attend a Pampered Chef party because I am just not interested in anything for the kitchen.  But since Keith has not been out of town for the last few weeks, I feel like I need to cook (some).  Blah!  So I have been finding some really cool recipes on Facebook and believe it or not, everyone (yes, even the ultra picky Drew James) has liked them.  This was a chicken taceo casserole.  It was so yummy!  I will post the recipe in case anyone is interested!

Rotel Chicken Mexican Casserole

3 chicken breasts cooked and cubed
1 bag of tortilla chips crushed
1 can of Rotel
1 can Cream of Chicken soup
1 small can of chopped green chiles
1 lb of Velvetta or American Cheese

Cook and dice your chicken. Mix together your Rotel, Soup, Green Chiles, and cubed Cheese. Heat this mixture in a microwave till melted and then add your chicken. In a casserole pan layer 1/2 your chips and 1/2 your cheese mixture. Repeat these layers and top with a few crushed chips. Bake at 350degrees until hot and bubbly. Its DELICIOUS!!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23

Drew is cracking me up lately with his interest in clothes.  He is OBSESSED!  But seriously, if you think about it.....I created that monster.  He spent every penny of his birthday money on clothes and shoes.  But like, Jackie said....let him go at it, that much less I have to buy.  This is one of his new outfits....he matches from head to toe!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 22

Poor Addi.  Yesterday while at the mall for Drew's birthday party, she slipped on some water on the floor and busted her lip open on a metal chair.  It bled and bled and now she has a little fat lip.

September 21

Drew wanted to invite some friends to the mall for a birthday celebration.  I told him he could ask about 6 friends.....well, this is how many showed up!  He did invite about 3 more boys but they couldn't come for various reasons so it ended up being mostly girls.  That's my boy!

September 20

This is what happened to Addi's room while I was laying in bed today.  I had the gate closed so she couldn't go any where and she was kinda back and forth between me and her oom, playing.  I kept bragging on how good she was being.  Once I mustered the strength to get up and go peek at her....this is what I found. I wanted to dry.  But I didn't really have the energy to so I just went back to bed and left it for Keith!

September 19

My (not so) little boy is a TEENAGER!!!!  Oh my!  Happy Birthday, Drewby....WE LOVE YOU!!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 18

This is where I ended up tonight.  I have been feeling like crap all week, coughing and just plain tired.  Tonight I felt like I couldn't breathe so I had to go.  I was diagnosed with bronchitis.  Never had that before and let me tell will kick your butt!  Today is day 5 of being in bed! Help me!!!!

September 17

Note to self: Check your license before each birthday to see if it is expiring.  The thought never even crossed my mind until Shirley mentioned it.  So later that night (the day OF MY BIRTHDAY....a Sunday) I remembered to check.  And was expired.  They are closed on Monday so today I got up early (for me) and went and took my place in line.  I was really irritated that after holding a Georgia license for 33 years, I still had to go up there to renew it.  I guess some new security thing went into affect a few years ago and unless you have a yellow star on your license (I didn't) you have to appear in person to get the coveted yellow star. Seriously???!!! Actually though, the line looked way worse that it was and only took me about an hour.  But still.

September 16

Sweet Harper!  Shannon brought her over in her camo dress and bow for Keith to see her.  He got a huge kick out of his little hunting buddy!

September 15

Happy Birthday to me!  BLAH!  Another year closer to the big 5-0!! BLAH!

September 14

Today is the first day of my least favorite season of the, not fall (I LOVE fall).  It's hunting season that i despise.  Ugggghhhh.  I know Keith loves it but I literally count the days until it's over. 119 days left......

Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13

This week is our local consignment sale.  I volunteered this morning and snapped this is huge...way bigger than this picture even depicts!  Hopefully, I will make some good $$$!

September 12

When I went in to pick Addi up from school, they had made this huge banner for 911.  Her teacher said since she was dressed for the occasion (she was the only one) they let her hold the flag (see pic, top middle) and decided to turn it into an art project!

September 11

We stopped by the park today to snap this pic in remembrance of 911.  Drew reused to get out and be in the pic so it's just Addi!  Of course, she had no clue what this was all about and wanted to know if we were getting sparklers.  I'm glad that her little brain doesn't have to know about terrible things yet!

September 10

I know I just posted a moon picture a few days ago.....I promise I'm not a moon freak or anything. But when I saw this moon I had to run in and get my camera....isn't it just the coolest thing ever??!???!!!

September 9

We were not happy with Addi's preschool so when another school called me with an opening so we decided to switch her.  I am so nervous about it and hoping I am doing the right thing.  She was so excited, and wasn't nervous about it at all!  Here she is on her first day at the YMCA!

September 8

Our church, West Ridge celebrated it's 16th anniversary today with a tailgate and fireworks celebration!  It was tons of fun!  We all got there early and set up our stuff and everyone had the best time.  Here is Keith in the cornhole tourney which he was quickly eliminated a 13 year old boy, I might add!

September 7

We used to take Drew to the Home Depot Saturday workshops all the time but I kept forgetting to take Addi.  I FINALLY remembered that it was today so Keith took her.  He said she LOVED it.  I need to mark my calendar so I don't forget to take her every month!

September 6

Sleeping Beauty!

September 5

Drew has taken up skateboarding again!  Every time I look outside these days, he is skateboarding.  I love my little skater dude!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 4

We were outside the other night and my friend, Tammy pointed out the moon to me!  It was very cool looking!

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 3

This is another pic from Dragon Con!  There was this guy that looked just like Will Ferrell from the movie ELF in the parade.  Shannon and I were yelling for him at the top of our lungs.  All of a sudden he stopped, looked at us and came RUNNING (I mean running) towards Shannon and got right in her face and I was dying laughing and snapping pics!  I have looked at those pics a million times and it makes me giggle every time!

September 2

The whole family went to the Braves game today!  I put Drew in charge of getting some pics of the family for me and this is the best one he got.  Guess I will know better than to trust a 12 year old with a camera from now on...huh??

September 1

I had the bright idea to go to a Sidewalk Chalk Fest at Marietta Square today!  Sounded like some good, cheap fun!  The day was gorgeous so after church we set out in that direction!  The closer we got to the square, the darker the skies got and by the time we got was storming like crazy.  I mean a full blown thunderstorm complete with thunder, lightening, wind....the works.  UGGGH!  We sat in the car until it blew over and decided to walk around and check things out.  Most of the chalk art was washed away but this is just a sampling of what was left!  It was GORGEOUS!!!  We will try again next year and hopefully the rain will stay away!

August 31

Today was our annual trip to Dragon Con!  My whole extended family goes every year and it is soooo much fun!  It is THE craziest thing much to see.  This is just a small sampling of some of the craziness that is down there!

August 30

We have had sooo much rain this summer.  I have seen 3 rainbows in the past few weeks and I was finally able to capture one with my camera.  I LOVE to see a just amazes me!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August 29

Happy 42nd birthday, Keith (holding Harper)!  We love you!

August 28

Drew wanted to show off the project that I did....ok WE did.  He was so proud of it and told me that he always has the best projects because of me.  See...he really can be sweet at times.

August 27

We finally made it to the movies to see Smurfs!  We all loved it (well, I did fall asleep once)!

August 26

We tried to venture out to a little festival but we ended up hiding out in an ice cream parlor trying to dodge the thunder and lightening.  This pretty much sums up our summer here in Georgia.....RAIN!

August 25

Baby girl is 4 months old today!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August 24

Someone told me about a little waterfall not far from home.  So this morning we got up and ventured out to try to find it!  It is very small but so nice and peaceful!  Drew jumped right in .....and under the water.  Addi, on the other hand was afraid and kept thinking the big rocks were crocodiles and sharks.  Lol....we couldn't convince her otherwise!

August 23

Addi and Holley!!

August 22

This is how I spend.....I mean waste a ton of time these days.  Playing Candy Crush.  I am soooo addicted!  I am on level like 377 or something like that.  Yeah.....I know, that's CRAZY!!!  Total waste of time.....but so fun!

August 21

This is the outfit that Addi chose to wear today! ALL.DAY.LONG!!! Since we were mostly staying home....I let her wear it. But, Keith had to run to the store and she insisted on going so of course he took this outfit!  Ack....I told him he was going to ruin my reputation!