Monday, May 26, 2014

May 10

Moving day for my niece Belinda today!  In the rain! Her lease is up at the crappy house she has been renting and she is moving to the cutest little apartment.  This will be perfect for her and the girls!

May 9

We have a new family member.  This is Star Sparkle James.  Addi has been begging for a pet for a while, in her words....."not a fish but something I can hold".  Uggghh!! So we headed to Pet Smart to check our the clientele.  In my mind.....we would come home with a hermit crab in a cute little glass bowl.  You can hold them right??? She quickly vetoed that idea and we found ourselves picking out a hamster instead.  She is a cute little thing and Addi is in heaven! But uuuggghhh!

May 8

And here is the little sleeping beauty all comfy in her new big girl bed!!!

May 7

OMG!!  It turned out awesome!  It took 3 coats of paint and most of the day but I love the finished product!  Yay for Keith who did most of the work!!

May 6

We are going to attempt to refinish a peice of furntiure for the first time ever!  I'm scared!  This is actually the twin bed off of Drew's bunk beds.  He has been asking to take it off for a while and I was telling Keith that I wish we could figure out a way to use it since I love the style....and we paid a fortune for the pillowtop mattress on it.  He suggested painting it and my first thought was NO!!!  But I started researching it and decided to go for it!  Stay tuned.............

May 5

Addi's friends, Ellie and Lyla came over to play!  This was their attire for the evening!! us!

May 4

We met Jackie and the girls at the movies and this is how the girls showed up.  Both in cute little black glasses.  Weird thing i....both of them can see perfectly and don't wear glasses.  Well, ok then!

May 3

Home Depot Kid's workshop Day again!  Keith is out of town AGAIN so Drew helped Addi with her project.  Today they made a flower pot for me for Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 2

LOL!!  This is Drew tonight at the dodgeball tournament at his school.  The girls LOVE him.  It cracks me up!  There were a few boys in the crowd too but they scattered when I started taking pics.  The girls all primped, stuck out their kissy lips ans smiled. 

May 1

We had an impromptu sleepover at our house tonight with these cuties!  These are neighbors and kids I use to babysit.  Addi and Lyla (the shortest blond) are BFF's and inseparable!  They will go to kindergarten together next year!

April 30

The Chick Fil A over by Jackie's house always has the cutest events (ours does almost nothing).  Today they had a backyard bash with little outside games set up for the kids.  Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, hoola hoops and of course, fishing with the CFA cow!  Oh and raffle prizes.....which I actually won!  Scored a cute little cooler filled with goodys!  Yay for CFA!!!

April 29

Happy Birthday, Holley!!  Can't believe this girl is 9 already!! She is a MAJOR tomboy.  That is her BFF, Mills on the left.  She LOVES him!

April 28

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Shannon and David!  Boy, did that time fly by!

April 27

Guess who is ONE already???!!?? Miss Harper Marie White!  Her birthday party them was Uno and it was so cute!  She really enjoyed her party...until this point when everyone sang to her and she had cake all over her hands.  Wasn't happy about that AT ALL!  Happy birthday, sweet girl!

April 26

Touch a Truck today!  We have been taking Drew to this since he was a year old and sadly this was the first year that he chose to stay home instead of go with us.  Addi loved it and i think we will have a few more years to enjoy this awesome event put on by Paulding County Parks and Rec!

April 25

Today we all met at Marietta Square for a concert in the park for Shirley's 75th birthday celebration!  We had a table reserved, the weather was PERFECT and we had an awesome time!! Happy Birthday, Shirley!

April 24

Lisa (our stepsister, Shirley's daughter) and her husband Chuck are in town from Colorado to visit!  So good to see them again!

April 23

Addi finally had her 5 year check up today since we all had the flu when she was originally supposed to go.  This is Dr. Flowers.  We have been going to see him for over 7 years (Addi has been there since birth).  There is nothing fancy at all about his office but he is the nicest man.  And so funny.  Especially with Drew who starts badgering him with questions as soon as he walks in (usually about shots).  His answers crack me up!!  Anyway, Addi is 34 pounds and 43 inches.  Barely on the charts for weight but pretty up there for height.  My tall and skinny girl.  Hopefully she stays that way!!

April 22

One more Easter pic and then I will move on!  I decided we needed games at our family Easter event this year just like we do at Christmas!  We played the old go-to egg race game!  It was a hoot.  Our family really gets into things like this.  It was hilarious!

April 21

Addi's class did an egg drop from the roof of the building today.  We had to package an egg so it (hopefully) wouldn't break!  I put Keith in charge of this and he was all over it.  Not sure what he put in that little pink box but I will say that the egg DID NOT break.  And the teachers said it took them about 15 minutes to get into it to find out that it didn't break!  score one for Daddy!