Monday, March 23, 2015

February 27

Sweet Harper!  I love this little girl.  She is SO full of personality!!

February 26

We have COOKIES!! Now to figure out how to get them all delivered!!

February 25

I walked in Drew's room and saw this.  They do love each other sometimes!!!

February 24

This is our deck this morning!  So much for the huge snowstorm they were predicting for days! Ha!!!


LOL!!  This is Addi during our "Snow Day".  Ha!!!  It did come down pretty hard for about an hour and then turned to rain and washed it all away.  We REALLY wanted snow to play in but looks like we won't get it this year! (If you look closely, you can see the snow flurries in the background).

February 22

We had to go to the Apple store to get Drew's phone looked at.  I love how they have little stations for the kids.  It made it much easier to wait almost an hour since Addi was completely occupied with the electronics!

February 21

I have an obsession with tea and ice from Chick Fil A.  It's a known fact.  Every Saturday I go in and get a gallon and a bag of ice since they are closed on Sunday!  I must have my stash.  (I know it's weird but it's better than eating chalk or something strange like that).  So today Keith went in to get my bag of ice and came out with this little container.  I had no idea they even sold these but I LOVE it!!

February 20

Time to go home!!

February 19

Charleston has the absolute cutest children's museum.  It is kind of old fashioned but just so so cute.  Addi could literally stay there the entire day (and we pretty much did).

February 18

Of course we had to make a stop at Urban Outfitters!  Drew LOVES this place! He's so urban-y!

February 17

Window seat in Charleston for lunch today!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February 16

It is so hard to believe that it has been 19 years ago today since my Mom passed away.  It makes me so sad to think of everything that she has missed! I think about her and miss her daily.

February 15

We got to meet up with cousins, Emily and Dave for a walk around town and some dinner!

February 14

Happy Valentine's Day from Charleston!

February 13

Since Daddy is working in Charleston and school is out net week...we decided to come for a visit.  We had to go down to the beach even though t was FREEZING! And yes, Addi is barefoot.  She was dying to get her toes in the sand,,,who can blame her though??

February 12

Daddy and Addi!

February 11

Addi has been busy as a bee selling girl scout cookies!! Can't wait til we have to deliver all of them....NOT!

February 10

We had our annual heart shaped pizza for dinner tonight!  This is always a fun surprise for the kids!

February 9

Some cute little magnets I made for my refrigerator!

February 8

World Thinking Day for Daisies today!  This was really cute,  Each troop represented a country and the girls got to go around and visit each one!

February 7

5th annual Daddy~Daughter Date Night at Chick Fil A!!

February 6

Fun night at the circus!!!

February 5

Happy Birthday to my niece, Belinda and Sister in law Lisa (yesterday).  We ALL went to Chuy's to celebrate.  Oh, and that is our new friend/waiter, Brian!

February 4

I needed something in front of this window so I found this bird cage at Hobby Lobby and the rug at Kohl's.  I love how it turned out.  Slowly but surely I am getting my house how I want it!

February 3


February 2

This was the highlight of the girls weekend!

February 1

Since the boys were gone, Addi and I had a girls weekend! I let er pick 5 fun things to do and this is what she chose:

Getting her nails done
Visit Pet Land to hold puppies
Build A Bear
Get ice cream with cherries and sprinkles
Get a Pineapple Pop from Edible Arrangements

Fun time with my girl!

January 31

Drew went with Keith to Charleston (for work) and of course they had to make a stop at his favorite store.  Urban Outfitters.  He is obsessed with that place and could stay there for HOURS! This si the pic they sent is an old warehouse right on King Street and it really is a cool place!