Monday, April 21, 2014

April 20

This made me giggle.  Pretty much sums up how Drew feels about getting up early for holidays (or any day) lately.  He would have been perfectly fine to just sleep away the morning and get his stash when he woke up.  But it's a rule in our house that everyone has to be up before anyone can go downstairs.  So he really had no choice!
Happy Easter!!!

April 19

Egg hunt at Burnt Hickory Church Easter-rific annual event!!

April 18

Addi's egg hunt at school.  It rained so they had to do it inside.  I was working so Keith went and took my camera.  Every picture that he took was But I decided to use this pic despite the blurriness because the looks on their faces are priceless.  Oh, the joy of being a 5 year old at an Easter Egg hunt, huh??

April 17

Terrible, blurry pic but it made me laugh!  We met Jackie at target tonight and Drew had to whiz around in the electric wheel chair.  He is having a hard time getting used to the crutches so can't really walk for long.

April 16

Addi and Holley playing at the park!

April 15

Well, it took us 15 days before we got to try out the new hospital.  Drew was clowning around at school today and came down sideways on his foot.  He whined and cried all afternoon so we decided to take him in.  So now he has a foot cast and crutches.  Heaven HELP ME!!!

April 14

Addi INSISTED on taking this dog into Kroger.  It is on a leash and rolls (walks), wags it's tail and barks.  I am like....really, Addi???!!?

April 13

From tiaras and high heels one day to camo the next!  Daddy took her fishing today and she LOVED it!

April 12

A new little tea room opened up in Dallas and today they had tea with EB himself.  They have a whole room full of dress up clothes ad Addi had so much fun getting all dressed up and playing with the other little girls!

April 11

Keith was off today so we went to the park for a picnic.  Addi has been asking to have a "real picnic" we did.  We took a blanket and laid it out and ate out meal and just enjoyed the sunshine! Perfect day!

April 10

We went to Hannah's game today!  That's Greg coaching first base!  It's so cute Hannah wanted "Banana" printed on the back of her shirt instead of Hannah!  She's our little Hannah Banana AKA Hurricane Hannah as Keith calls her!

April 9

It has been so nice here the past few days.  We have been going to the park almost daily!

April 8

I stopped by Target today to get Addi a few Frozen things for her Easter basket and this is what I found!  WIPED OUT!  I guess I will just have to keep checking every day until I can score some things!

April 7

Harper at her first Easter Egg Hunt.  It was the cutest thing ever now that she is walking.  She knew exactly what to do too!  (Genius!!!)

April 6

I took Addi to our 3rd annual Mad Hatter Tea Party!  This is the perfect place to get awesome pictures!

April 5

Jackie wanted to go to the mall today.  I went even though I still wasn't feeling that great.  I regretted my decision about 10 minutes after we got there....I was dragging the whole day!!

April 4

 Addi cracks me up with these people.  These are some of the ones that my friend Tiffany gave her a while back. Here daughter Madi who is now 16 used to play with them. She LOVES them and plays with them almost every day.  She put these in a little purse and they have gone everywhere with us for days and days.  I sent this pic to Tiffany and she said it made her heart happy to see Addi playing with them.

(Not a pic from today because I spent the whole day like the kids did yesterday.  It has been awful since keith is out of town and there is really no one to take care of us.) 

April 3

My babies are sick! They both have a stomach virus and this is how they spent almost the entire day.  It was very quiet around here but I really want them to be back to their noisy selves and feeling better!

April 2

Taylor got free tickets to the Atlanta Hawks game so the whole family went (minus a few who couldn't make it).  We had so much fun just hanging out and being silly! 

April 1

Our new hospital opened today at 12:01 am.  It is so nice and will be handy to have it so close if we do need it (hopefully we won't though).

March 31

Addi and Lyla!  BFF's!  Addi picked out a best friend necklace (where they each keep half) for Lyla so we stopped by to give it to her!  They are so cute together.

March 30

Drew loves to go hang out at Starbucks now!  This is him with Maddie and Annabell!

March 29

Well, since Daddy is out of town, it was up to me to take Addi to the Home Depot workshop.  They were making a bird feeder today.  We finally got it done but it seems so much easier when Daddy is here to take charge!

March 28

Todd and Shannon!!!

March 27

Another sign that spring is just around the corner!  All of the trees around here are full of these gorgeous flowers!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

March 26

This was the sweetest thing.  Harper climbed up in my lap and I put one of Addi's ABC games on for her and she didn't move a muscle for like 20 minutes.  She is the sweetest little thing!

March 25

Look who is all signed up for kindergarten!! Sniff, sniff!

March 24

It's pretty bad when you have to text your kid from 6 inches away in the front seat to ask him something.  WHAT is this world coming to???!!!!

March 23

Look who is almost walking!!

March 22

Today I had to attend the funeral of a friend I have known since childhood.  Christi suddenly passed away this week at just 43 years old.  I taught her daughter Morgan a long time ago too so I have watched her grow up over the years.  I am so saddened by this and my heart just breaks for Morgan and her little brother, Mason.

March 21

My best friend in the world, my sister!  Love her and can't imagine what I would do without her!

March 20

Precious baby!!!who is almost a year old already :(

March 19

I stopped by Addi's future school for a minute today and popped in to see Ms. Godino.  This is the daughter of my good friend Beth.  She is the perfect little teacher!  Can't wait til Addi gets the chance to have her!

March 18

Happy 19th Birthday to Miss Tay today!  I love this girl!!!

March 17

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

March 16

Addi went to a birthday party at the cutest little place.  They got to pan for gems, ride a train and pet farm animals.  The weather was PERFECT too!

March 15

Our new hospital is finally about to open and today they had a huge Grand Opening Event!  It was tons of fun and all free!! This si Jackie driving the golf carts with the drunk glasses on.  I laughed SO HARD!!!

March 14

Butterfly Princess in the house today!

March 13

Keith and I play "Draw Something".  This is the drawing he sent to me today!  WTH???!!? It took me 3 days and I finally gave up and asked for a clue.  He said it was my favorite game.  I was still like WTH? I finally figured out it was Pac Man.  Ummm...OK. I guess that was my favorite game when we met a hundred years ago.  Lol!!

March 12

Daddy was off today so we kept Addi home from preschool.  As soon as she woke up he surprised her with a trip to their favorite breakfast spot....Waffle House (yuck!!) in her pj's!

March 11

The blond sisters with Harper!

March 10

Ha!  I was uploading my pics from my camera and found this.  Drew loves to take selfies!  It makes me giggle when I see some of the faces that he makes!  Goofball!