Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 9

And the birthday grand finale!  We met the whole fam at Provino's today for Addi's family party!  Whew!  Glad these only come once a year!  And glad that my girl had such a great birthday week.  This was really the first year that she knew her birthday was coming and was counting the days!  Happy GOLDEN Birthday, Sweet Addi-Bell!

March 8

Addi had her friend party today at Sparkles!  She was sooo excited!  Everyone had a fun time!

March 7

We were leaving a store and getting in our car when this teenage kid approached us and asked Addi if she liked spider.  She said YES!! (she does). Then he asked Drew.  He said NO! (he doesn't). So he reached into his pocket and pulled out a TARANTULA...yes you heard that a big, hairy, scary tarantula! Drew and I promptly made a beeline for the car and Keith stayed out with Addi while they let it crawl up and down her arm!  I am still creeped out!!!!

March 6

And of course, she had to take cupcakes to celebrate with her class!She picked Hello Kitty ones for this party!

March 5

And so it begins!  The birthday week.  My baby girl is 5 today.  It's her golden birthday, 5 on the 5th! Sniff, sniff!  We have parties planned for the weekend and since we had to stay close to home (to pick Drew up) she picked "I-POP" (I-Hop) for dinner.  Jackie and the girls met us there and we all celebrated with pancakes!!

March 4

This is heaven on earth.  We stopped by Smallcakes on the way to run some errands today.  YUM-MY!!  Addi and I shared the wedding cake one (my fav) and I seriously think it is the best thing I have EVER tasted in my life. 

March 3

I was so sad to hear of the death of Shirley Temple a few weeks ago.  I used to LOVE to watch her movies (still do).  Sooooo cute! I have a few of the dvd's and pulled one out to watch with Addi.  Unfortunately, she wasn't really interested.  Hopefully, she will appreciate it more as she gets older!

March 2

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss. 

March 1

I keep forgetting to take Addi to the Home Depot workshops so this time I put it on my calendar!  They are awesome and FREE.  This time they made a piggy bank!

February 28

Date Night!  Now that Drew is 13 I have been toying around with the idea of letting him babysit for us.  We have left them for less than an hour or so just to run to the store.  They fight like crazy when we are here but surprisingly get along great when we are gone.  So we decided to test the waters and go out tonight.  We had them both fed and Addi in her pj's in front of a 2 hour movie.  They did great!!! I see more date nights in our future now that a sitter is not an issue!!! Oh, and we went to my favorite place of all time...Tokyo in Douglasville!!  OMG....YUM!!!!!

February 27

We have had some gorgeous springlike weather this week so we snuck in a visit to the park!  Here's my boy all grown up!!

February 26

I have been subbing at McGarity Elementary a lot lately.  My mom taught here for years and we used to go to school with her some so I spent a lot of time at this school when I was little.  It's bittersweet to be back here.  There are about 5 teachers that are still there and knew my Mom.  I love that!!!

February 25

You know how I told you that Jackie babysat Addi while we took Drew out a couple days ago.  Well, she ALWAYS takes her to the store and buys her a toy (and Addi knows this).  Addi had been talking about a Barbie dog that poops for a while (thanks TV) and I had no idea what she was talking about.  Well, apparently, SHE knew what she was talking about and Jackie found it at Target.  So we are now the proud owners of a dog that poops plastic that is smaller than a pea.  Wanna know how I spent my day yesterday???!!? Ummmm....searching for pea sized poop all over the house.  We had to constantly make sure that all 5 were there and accounted for.  Would love to know who the brilliant GUY is that thought this was a good idea.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February 24

Somebody is having a birthday soon.  And about to turn 5 years old.  Sniff, sniff!

February 23

Yes, it was snowing and ice covered 2 weeks ago.  And yes, these were blooming in my yard today!  Gotta love the weather in the south!

February 22

Tonight we got to spend quality time with just Drew.  Jackie watched Addi and we took Drew to the Georgia Dome to watch Supercrosss (basically a loud motorcycle show).

February 21

Terrible picture but very cool event!  We went to a friend's church tonight to watch a Strength Team perform!  They did the coolest stuff and shared an awesome testimony as well!

February 20

I know you are wondering why this is my picture for today.  No, I don't have a new Taco bell obsession.  I am now a mystery shopper and today had to go and take pics of our TB.  They wanted to make sure that Pizza Hut is no longer there so they sent me out to take pics.  Made $17 in about 10 minutes!  Yippee!