Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 19

Crazy Hair Day at school today!

December 18

Love me some Pinterest, especially around the holidays!  i made these for Addi's teachers!  Super easy and fun!!

December 17

I met my good friend Tiffany for dinner tonight.  We met about 20 years ago when we both worked at The School Box.  We were at Chili's for over 2 hours just chatting it up. We try to meet up every Christmas season for dinner, dessert or a late night Walmart run! (we did all 3 tonight!!)

December 16

Today was Silly Sock Day at preschool!  And since I had her Christmas outfits planned for each day I had to incorporate the red/green into the outfit!! (Ummm....WHO had the bright idea to do spirit week the last week before Christmas??? It's putting my OCD into overdrive).

Sunday, December 15, 2013

December 15

My dad invited us all out to his house for a Christmas dinner!  It is so fun when we all get together and this event did not disappoint.  We were in rare form!  I decided I wanted to take a group shot so taylor and I rigged my camera for the automatic timer and we all got together and SNAP!!  This was the funny one.  It makes me crack up because we were crammed into a tiny space so that we could all be in the picture!! FUN times! I am so glad that my kids will have these memories when they grow up!

December 14

Our church hosts a HUGE charity event every year for needy families.  It's called Hope For Christmas.  This year me, Keith and Drew all got to volunteer (last year Keith was out of town).  It was an awesome way to spend a Saturday during the Christmas season.  

December 13

We rode out to see the Lights of Life at the college tonight!!  Beautiful!

December 12

Not sure WHAT I was thinking by trying to go to Krispy Kreme on the day that they were offering BOGO free dozen donuts!  OMG!  The parking lot was a traffic jam and the inside was jam packed too.  But Drew and I decided to wait and 45 minutes later we had our free donuts!  It was actually quite fun, kind of a festive atmosphere!! And by the way...the promotion was because the date was 12-12-13???  Not really sure what the big deal with that date was but whatev!

December 11

Every year the West Cobb Avenue has free carriage rides on Wednesdays in December.  There is usually an early release day this month so I always try to plan it that day so we can beat the crowds.  We were third in line and didn't have to wait long at all!

December 10

Keith took Addi to Bethel Church for their live nativity.  They do a fantastic job every year.  The costumes are awesome and everything is so realistic down to the live camel and sheep!

December 9

Harper with Uncle Todd!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 8

Today we went to O'Charley's for breakfast with Santa!  Drew wanted me to make sure that I let everyone (all 5 of you who read this) that I asked him to sit with Santa and it wasn't his idea!!

December 7

Today was the annual Dallas Christmas parade.  We got there early and found a perfect little spot!  I love going to this parade because we see TONS of people we know in the parade of there to watch!

December 6

Happy 26th birthday, Shannon!!  We all went out for mexican to celebrate Shannon's birthday!!!

December 5

We went to the annual tree lighting ceremony in Hiram tonight!  It was rainy but warm.  Not sure if I prefer that or freezing cold and dry!  Either way we all had a fun time as always!

December 4

Guess who showed up this morning at breakfast?? Our elves, Barr and Jimmy!  Addi has been asking and asking where they were and I was trying to put it off as long as possible because it is WORK!!  But they are here so, let the mischief begin!

December 3

FINALLY got our tree up and decorated!! I love watching Addi this year, she is so excited about everything Christmas!

December 2

I found this "Ugly Sweater" cookie kit at Five Below the other day!  I am so excited because this is going to be the theme of our family Christmas this year!!! Can't wait!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 1

My house looks like a Christmas bomb went off in it.   Not to mention I still have Disney stuff here and there to put away.  But Miss Addi could not wait to put her little tree up!  I had this tree at my shower with her for people to clip hair bows to.  And now we put it in her room every year!! I love how pink and girly it is! (I fixed the star after I took this.  Keith put it up and said he tried and tried to get it to stay straight.  Men!  Took me a half a second!)

November 30

Keith and I took Addi to see Frozen.  It was so cute!  Sadly, Drew has reached the age where he would rather stay home than go to kiddie movies these days!  :(

November 29

Jackie and I were determined to go Black Friday shopping even though we had just walked our legs off for 6 days at Disney!  I must say it was the most pitiful BF shopping day in history.  We didn't leave til 11 and were home by 7This is the back of my car.  It is usually so full that I can't close it!   We didn't get much accomplished either because we didn't scour the ads beforehand due to being out of town.  Note to self: Don't plan a Disney trip the day before Black Friday again!

November 28

On our way home from Disney.  We stopped at a Cracker Barrell along 75 somewhere to eat Thanksgiving dinner!

November 27

Back to Magic Kingdom today!

November 26

Drew on the safari ride at Animal Kingdom!

November 25

Meeting Chip and Dale at Epcot!

November 24

Eating in a car at the Sci Fi Dine In at Hollywood Studios!

November 23

Addi with the big guy at Chef Mickey's!

November 22

We pulled the big reveal off without a hitch!  Hannah and Addi were over the moon excited.  Holley didn't take it so well and almost started crying.  I think she was just overwhelmed.  It was so worth the wait!  I really couldn't decide if we should tell them or not and I am so glad we kept it a surprise!

November 21

Tomorrow we leave for Disney World!!! The kids (Addi, Hannah and Holley) have no clue we are going!  Taylor helped me make this box and we will fill it with balloons with a sign attached telling them that we are going!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!

November 20

Drew has been going with me to school some mornings and then catching the middle school bus.  We ran into his 1st and 4th grade teacher (he had her twice) so I had to get a pic!  He is almost as tall as she is!  We love you, Mrs. Hatch!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 19

Addi's pre-k class had their little Thanksgiving lunch and program today!  It was so cute!  She had quite a crowd of family members there: Mommy, Daddy, Papa, Grandma, Sissy, Harper, Taylor and Jackie!!!

November 18

I was so excited to find out that the author of the Elf on The Shelf books (Chanda Bell) was at the school where I was working today!  I wish Addi could have met her!  I snuck into the library and got a quick picture with her!

November 17

My girl is sick!  Poor thing!  She woke up two nights in a row crying with her ear hurting so Keith took her to urgent care!  Yep, she has an ear infection!  First one in almost 3 years since she had her tubes put in!!

November 16

We all....and I do mean ALL went to my dad's house to help them put out their Christmas decorations!!  They have a zillion boxes of decor that they love to put out and it is just getting to be too much for them do do by themselves!  It was a fun day with everyone together!

November 15

Me and sweet Harper!  I LOVE having a baby in the family again!!!!!

November 14

I snapped a picture of this at Addi's school!  I love things like this!  So cute!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 13

I have been at Hutchens Elementary all week.  I really love it there because a lot of the teachers form PB Ritch (Drew's school from K-5th) moved there so I know a ton of people there!  Also, one of my best friends, Tiffany is a teacher there.  Today I got to work right across the hall from her and we even got to have lunch together!  She is an awesome teacher!!!

November 12

I took this picture of the white board at school today of the date! I love things like this!

November 11

I was the mystery reader for Addi's class today!  She just smiled and smiled when she saw me me!!!

November 10

DREW JAMES has an IPhone!!!  (And I do too!!!!!!).  Shout it from the roof tops!  I think we are the last people on earth to have possession of one!  Drew was sooooo happy!!  I mean beyond excited to finally get his grubby little paws on his new phone!

November 9

Almost the whole family went out to dinner to a pizza place today!  I think there were 19 of us!  Poor waitress!

November 8

Drew at his school's dodge ball tournament!  He is quite the ladies man these day and LOVES to mingle with the girls!

November 7

Harper and her great grandpa...AKA Papa!

November 6

Taylor is constantly taking my camera and goffing off with it!  When I downloaded my pictures today, I found this up side down pic!  Silly Girl!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 5

Another pic that Drew took.  He got out of the car in a store parking lot to take this picture of the sky.  And insisted I put it on my blog for my picture of the day.  So for your utmost viewing it is!!

November 4

Drew is all into my camera lately.  He is constantly borrowing it and when I upload my pics I find all kinds of selfies that he has taken.  This made me giggle!!!

November 3

Ok, I had to get Keith to pull over so I could take this pic and have this documented.  It is November 3 and our little town is ALL decked out for Christmas! These cute little lights are all over the poles up and down the street. Seriously...people????!!??

November 2

OMG!  Look at this cuteness!  Shannon took Harper to get her pics taken (again) and this was a sneak peek she put up on Facebook!  Is that not the cutest thing ever????

Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 1

Had to share this pic of the cousins getting ready to head out TOT!  Taylor was a leopard and Tay 2 was her hunter!  Hannah was a cheerleader mummy (I think), Holley was a dead cowboy.  Addi was a butterfly and Drew was a dead teenager.  He told me for weeks that he wasn't dressing up and then when he saw everyone else dressed up he changed his mind so Taylor painted his face!

October 31

It was a PERFECT night for trick or treating.  Not too hot, not too cold...the wind was blowing just a little!!!We had a fun time tonight!  Happy Halloween!