Saturday, February 23, 2013

February 23

I saw that Chick Fil A on Dallas Hwy was having a Beauty and The Beast breakfast so I dressed Addi up and we went.  It was the students of Marietta High School.  They are doing this as their spring performance so they were promoting it.  It was great fun.  they sang and danced and Addi just loved it.  We stayed for 2 hours.  I think Drew even enjoyed himself.

February 22

You all know how much I love Gymboree.  Well, the manager of the Avenue store (Tammy) and I have become friends.  She now goes to my church.  Her daughter, Julia and Drew are the same age so have become fast friends   They moved into a new house so we went to check it out.  It's the cutest little house.  As you can see, Addi is VERY comfortable around her!

February 21

Hannah and Holley both performed in their schools Variety Show!  Hannah sang a solo of "Call me Maybe" and Holley performed with a group of 3 other boys and did Gangham Style   They were both fabulous and not the least bit shy!

February 20

We were on winter break this week so the kids and I went over to see my friend, Tiffany's new house!  It is gorgeous and I am so happy for them!!!

February 19

I was coming home from pick up Drew and (our neighbor) Taylor form school today and when i turned in the neighborhood, this was crossing the street in front of us.  A duck!  He was just mosy-ing around enjoying the world.  Not a pond or lake in sight!

February 18

We have had a ton of rain lately!  Addi loves wearing her rainboots.  We met Jackie for dinner and when we were walking in, she spotted this mud puddle and she just couldn't resist going over and sloshing in it!

February 17

Wow....I just thought I had a lot of packages to mail out by selling on a message board.  I decided to try my hand at Ebay this week.  I listed 71 auctions.  Every single thing sold and I made over $500.  But, I had my work cut out for me getting everything packaged and mailed!  It was actually kinda fun though.....I'm thinking about starting a little business!

February 16

I could not wait to see this movie.  Ever since Bridemaids, I think Melissa McCarthy is sooooo funny!  I called Taylor and had her plan it for her and her boyfriend AKA "the boy Taylor" and Jackie to go.  Greg was so sweet to volunteer to let Drew and Addi stay with him!  It did not disappoint.  We laughed and laughed!!!

February 15

I met some OLD friends today.  Well, they are not old but we have been friends for years!  I met becky and Jennifer about 16 years ago when I had both of their kids in Pre-K.  I am so glad we have stayed in contact and love when we get a night out to catch up!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 14

Getting heart shaped pizza on Valentines Day has become sort of a tradition for us.  It's extra nice that I won the Super Bowl coin toss so it was FREE!!!!  Happy Valentine's Day!

February 13

Addi was soooo esxcited to make Valentine cupcakes.  I let her do most of it by herself and she was so proud!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 12

I took Addi and her little friend, Lyla to the Tiny Tots Valentine Skating Party!  They love this because we basically have the place to ourselves!

February 11

  I bought these lip suckers for the kids!!!  Love it!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 10

Drew's latest report card!! So proud of him!

February 9

We ALL got together to celebrate Belinda's birthday!  We usually all go to On The Border cuz it's cheap and pretty convenient for everyone.  Jesscia was joking and said we were gonna get banned from there.  I think there were 20 of us.  This is the adult table...the kids were in a booth beside us!

February 8

My niece Taylor, has her first job at Subway!  She is so serious about it.  Cracks me up!  She is the perfect little sandwich maker!  We went to visit her (and have dinner) tonight!

February 7

I bought this little mailbox for like 20 cents last year at Target after Valentine's Day!  I decided to gather a bunch of $1 store stuff (junk) and put something in there each day from Cupid.  I have forgotten most nights and either have to crawl out of bed at 3 am and run down here or let Drew beat Addi down the stairs in the morning with it. Why???? do I torture myself with things like this??? They better remember it when they get grown...that's all I have to say!!  ;)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 6

Most Wednesday nights, I drop Drew off at church and then Addi and I go hang out with Jackie (if Keith is out of town, which he usually is).  Tonight we hit up Applebee's for dinner.  Taylor stopped by DD on the way there and brought these cute little donuts in for our dessert (ooops, sorry Applebee's).  Love the heart shaped ones!

February 5

Happy Birthday, Belinda!!  My sweet niece celebrated her birthday today!  I think she is 31 but somehow that just seems impossible! Love ya girl!

February 4

Drew and his wings!  He still loves them and would eat them at every meal if we let him.  His favorite restaurant Zaxby's was having a deal where you could go in today and whatever you come back in February and get the same meal for free.  Not a bad deal!!!  Drew was beyond thrilled!

February 3

This makes me laugh!  We were getting gas after church and there was a new Dollar Tree opening up in the same parking lot.  I looked up and saw this "Dollar Bill" walking in front of us.  Drew was totally engrossed in his music, headphones on when I said there's a dollar bill out there.    Somehow he heard me (when he never does when I am telling him to do something) and he threw the headphones off and ran out of the car and started looking around on the ground.  I was dying laughing.  He kept saying "where is it??" and I kept saying "right there...just look around".  He finally saw this person and figured out I wasn't talking about real $$.  He was not amused but Keith and I were cracking up. And then of course, Addi wanted to give "it" a hug!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 2

Tonight was Daddy, Daughter Date Night at Chick Fil A! The Hiram location always goes all out with table service, balloons and flowers and horse drawn carriage rides. I wasn't allowed to stay long (according to Addi) but I did sneak a few pics before Drew and I went and had our own date (aka: a peaceful meal without a 3 year old present).

February 1

I always forget about the West Cobb Aquatic Center.  I love to take the kids in the winter when it's cold outside!  We went today and met Belinda, Blake and the girls there.  The kids had a blast! L to R: Sarah (Blake's little girl), Hannah, Addi, Drew (always the only boy) and Holley!