Monday, August 26, 2013

August 20

Shannon, Keith, Jackie, Harper and I met for lunch today!  Shannon had little shoes on Harper for the first time.  Isn't this just the sweetest thing???!!!?

August 19

It's that time again.  Clothes selling season.  I decided to go with Ebay this time.  It was a TON of work and I'm not so sure it paid off in the end.  It stresses me out too with all of the complaining buyers.  Here is Addi on a rainy day helping me take my packages to the post office!

August 18

Addi in her new space at church!  She has moved up to the bigger kids room where they have a stage and do tons of cool music!  I think she is going to love it!

August 17

We went to visit Nanny today!  She loves when we come to visit and always has tons of little prizes for the kids!

August 16

This is Holley,  one of the blond sisters.  The Tomboy!  She came home with us after church and keith got Drew's BB gun out for her and let her shoot!  This girl was in heaven!  It cracks me up that 2 sisters who are only 11 months apart can be so different!

August 15

Drew and Harper! So sweet!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 14

Today was "Free Pie Wednesday" at O'Charley's!  We met Jackie and Tay there for lunch.  We each chose a different kind of pie and boy, was it YUMMY!  (The peach was my pick).

August 13

Keith has been on vacation all week.  He has gotten so much work done around the house.  Today he pressure washed the whole house, the driveway and all of the concrete around the pool!  It looks awesome!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 12

Chipmunk Cheeks!  Taylor had her wisdom teeth taken out today and she looks like she is storing nuts for the winter!!

August 11

Took the kids to see the movie, Planes today!  Very cute movie and we all enjoyed ourselves...until some kid puked in the theater and the whole place REEKED. Poor kid. It was bad.  They came in during the movie with their cleaning stuff and did as much as they could.  I couldn't really concentrate on the movie from that point on.  Yeah.

August 10

Drew has been begging to go to his favorite restaurant, Taco Mac.  I don't really care for it so I try to put him off as much as possible.  My niece, Belinda is a waitress there and was working so we made sure to sit in her section!  

August 9

We have some new neighbors and not long after they moved in, I noticed this little house in their front yard! Upon closer look, I realized it's a mini library.  Hmmm....not sure how much use it will get but the idea is VERY cute!  Addi picked out some books to drop off and I guess I need to go sneak some books in there for her to "check out".

August 8

David got some pre season Falcons tickets through Groupon so a bunch of us went!  It was so much fun!!! Drew, Shannon, Taylor

August 7

We have had a summer full of rain this year!  I walked outside to see this today!  They do like each other SOMETIMES!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 6

I had to run to Kroger and Addi was wearing this get up.  She asked me if she could wear it to the grocery store and I thought why not??? If you can tell, she is in full princess attire down to the high heeled shoes! We got a ton of looks, a few head shakes and lots of sweet little comments!

August 5

Since the kids were in school (not Cobb yet), Keith and I met Jackie, David, Shannon and the girls for lunch!  This is a current pic of the blond sisters (those of you who used to read my other blog will know who I am talking about) and Harper!!

August 4

Taylor and Shannon acting a fool!

August 3

Keith got to choose the restaurant today and he ALWAYS picks On The Border.  I love to have a strawberry margarita when we go there and I talked Jackie in to having one (or two) also.  It was just a few days after her birthday so we told them to sing to her!  I'm really surprised we didn't get kicked out...we were being so LOUD!  But had a blast!

August 2

Since the 4th of July festivities got rained out this year, the girls never got to do their sparklers.  We finally found a time for them to light them.  They had a blast!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1

First Day of school!  Drew is in 7th and Addi goes to Pre-K.  They will be going off to college before we blink an eye!

July 31

My baby starts Pre-K tomorrow.  I am torn between looking forward to 6.5 hours a day of peace and quiet and sad that my baby is growing up WAY too fast!  Tonight we went to the orientation and to meet her teacher (who was very sweet). Looking forward to a great year!

July 30

We took our annual summer all day visit to Grandma and Papa's house today.  It was just the girls because Drew is still in Memphis.  Their puppy, Gabby was the star attraction.  Poor Gabby, she is not used to kids and didn't really know what to think about all of the attention she was getting!

July 29

Shannon had the bright idea to paint Harper's toes and fingers.  She found some non toxic polish and we waited til she fell asleep and painted away.  Is that precious or what????