Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 19

Cousins Day Out at the movies! L to R: Hannah, Drew, Addi, Holley

February 18

My lunch date today!  Drew is on winter break (??) but Addi still has school so we dropped her off and went to lunch!  His choice.  Yeah, you see the buffalo wings, huh?

February 17

I caught this pic today of Addi walking around in Keith's work boots!  LOVE it!!!

February 16

Today makes 18 years since my mom passed away.  Sometimes it seems like forever and others it seems like it was just yesterday.  It's hard for me to remember her voice any more.  She has missed so very much. I had a dream about her the other night and I woke up and it seemed like she was real for a minute. And then reality set in and I realized it was just that....a dream.  I would give anything to be able to have one more conversation with her, one more shopping trip, one more hug...........

February 15

Soooo, 2 days ago the entire state was encased in a sheet of ice.  And's 75 degrees, sunny and GORGEOUS!!!  Where is spring????

February 14

Look what we had for breakfast!  YUMMY!  Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

February 13

SNOW!!! Glorious SNOW!!I I love when it snows.  I love being snowed in and not getting dressed or leaving the house.  Call me crazy (I know who you are, Northerners) but I do!  But only for a day or two.  Don't give me weeks and weeks and feet and feet!  I love our little Georgia snowfalls.  Just enough to satisfy my craving.

February 12

We ventured out a little bit today.  It was FREEZING! The roads were covered with a solid sheet of ice!  Snow coming tonight and tomorrow!

February 11

It came!  It started snowing this morning and by this afternoon all of the trees were covered in beautiful glistening ice.  It's supposed to last for 2 more days so hopefully we won't lose power!!

February 10

Well, they are predicting an ice/snow storm starting tomorrow.  If you know anything about winter in the south....when they mention the "S" word EVERYONE runs.....and I mean everyone to the nearest store to get bread and milk (and probably enough groceries to last a month).  It's just what we do. Usually nothing happens. maybe a few flurries so we shall see if that is the case this time.  This was the bread aisle at Kroger.  Thank goodness I was already stocked up but just needed to grab one thing (and see all the hype of crazy people running around everywhere).

February 9

Addi woke up before everyone this morning and was playing with my phone.  Later when I looked at the pictures, she had taken 104 pictures.  This was one of the better ones.  Grrrr.....

February 8

My brother in law Greg is in a Christian singing group.  They go around and perform for all of the local churches.  We love to go and watch them perform.  Greg plays the keyboard (that's his head on the far right of the pic).

February 7

I was helping Jackie clean her basement and came across this old picture.  This was June 1996 about a month after I met Keith and about 4 months after my Mom died.  We all flew up to Ohio just to get away!

Back Row L to R: Greg, Dave, Uncle Bob, Jill, Greg Babos,
Next Row: Jackie, Belinda, Lisa, Wendy, Kristen
Next Row: Todd, Janell, Shannon, Taylor, Emily, Justin, Austin, Mollie, Kyle

February 6

David is getting ready to go out of town on a business trip and look who is trying to pack up and go with him!!! Pure cuteness!

February 5

Happy Birthday to my niece Belinda today!  I think she turned 31. Wow!! Wow, wow!!

February 4

Somebody got a haircut!  Addi has been asking to cut her hair short.  Keith wasn't too thrilled with the idea.  He likes her with long hair.  I finally took her and when it came down to it she chickened out so we only cut about 2 inches off the back!

February 3

Yay!  This won't be too exciting for most people but it its for us.  The new road is FINALLY open!  And Addi insisted that we drive down it even though we weren't going that way! They have been working on this road for seriously FOREVER!!It is going to save us a lot of time!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 2

Drew was at a friends house and his mom had made homemade Chex mix (I thought, hmmmmm,  Betty Crocker much???) Drew loved it and asked me to ask her for the recipe.  So I decided to make it tonight for Superbowl Sunday.  Well, I take back the Betty Crocker comment.  This stuff is DELISH!! Drew and I were fighting over it til the end!  YUMMY!!

February 1

I always put this little mailbox out on the first of February for Addi.  Every morning when she wakes up there is a little prize from Cupid in there.  I lucked up last year and bought tons of junk on deep clearance so we are all set for this year.  Now if we can just remember to do it each night.  I am having flashbacks of that %&#$% elf.

January 31

Drew has been going to a ton of parties this year!  He gets so excited!  This was for his friend Savannah. He texted me this pic during the party! He is on the left side in the back!

January 30

Just a cute Addi pic!!

January 29

You will probably see lots of food pics from me in the coming months.  I'm trying really hard to stick to my New Year's resolution of meal planning and cooking at home. So far I am doing pretty darn good!  But I have been scouring , you guessed it...Pinterest for some yummy recipes.  This was a crescent chicken bake and i was soooo yummy!

January 28

Look how much I paid for gas today!  Under $3.00 a gallon!!! (Of course I used my Kroger points but still).

January 27

I was driving through Hiram today and looked over to see this.  The whole steeple from this church was on the ground!  Wow!

January 26

I was cleaning out my desk and found these little tubes with confetti in them.  I told Addi that we would take them outside later to play with them.  Well, Drew came down and spotted them and "accidentally" set one off.  I told them to just go for it and we would vacuum it all up.  They had the best time with this mess.

January 25

We met Shannon and Harper for dinner.  As soon as we got there I looked over and Addi was playing peek a boo with Harper.  It was the cutest thing!