Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 18

Addi went to VBS at our old church, Poplar Springs today! She had so much fun and we saw lots of old faces that were VERY surprised at how big she is now since they all knew her before she was born!

July 17

Addi and I made this little countdown to Kindergarten.  I can't believe my baby is so grown up!! 

July 16

Today was Bring a Friend FREE day at Six Flags so we took Taylor, Holley and Hannah.  I think everyone else in Atlanta brought a friend too because it was PACKED!!!!

July 15

Just a cute Harper pic!  According to Shannon, this is her  very first lollipop.  I think she likes it...don't you?

July 14

This is Addi's newest collection! These little Beanie Babies from McDonald's.  Can I just say....I am sick of eating McD's!???!!

July 13

Happy Birthday to my Brother In Law, Greg today!!!

July 12

See, they do love each other sometimes!

July 11

Our annual "Dress Like A Chicken" at Chick Fil A picture!!

July 10

We were driving down I-20 today and I looked over and this semi was beside me, filled to the brim with chickens.  Addi went crazy.  I, of course yelled for Drew to take a picture.  Poor things though! There were white feathers flying for miles!

July 9

Look what just opened up in the old K-Mart in Hiram!! It is sooo nice!  YIPPEEE!!!

July 8

Shannon bought Harper this little time out rug and guess who is the first one to try it out?? Miss Addi! I really don't think she minds sitting in time out on a cute little pink rug.

July 7

Another pic from Sissy's house!!!

July 6

Drew and Addi went to stay with Shannon for a few days!  This is an annual summer tradition!  Ahhhh.....peace and quiet for a few days!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 5

Continuing our festivities with a parade in Douglasville!!!

July 4

We had so much fun with (almost) the whole family today in Marietta!  It was a most perfect day with the weather just gorgeous.  Happy Independence Day everyone!

July 3

We started out 4th of July festivities early with fireworks and festivities in Kennesaw!  Miss Harper LOVED this watermelon.

July 2

Someone got their first stitches.  Poor Addi was just walking by a little shelf, fell and gashed her foot open.  3 hours and 6 stitches later....she was back home and no worse for the wear!

July 1

Pool day at Papa and Grandma's house!  This is a summer tradition...we go out to their house and spend the whole day swimming, eating and just hanging out!

June 30

Every time it rains Addi begs me to let her go play in the rain!  It's usually lightening too so I won't let her but today was just a good ole summer rain so she put on her rain garb and out the door she went.  She LOVED it!  I let her just get as wet as she wanted and she plashed and jumped in puddles forever! I remember doing this as a kid and it was sooo much fun!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Interrupting this program...........

I will probably remove this after a while but I wanted to let my 365 blog readers (all 5 of you) that I have a new blog.  It is all about saving money and pinching pennies.  Check it out here! And have no fear....this blog is not going away!!  LOL!

Monday, June 30, 2014

June 29

A little Sunday night bowling with friends at Stars & Strikes!

June 28

A local consignment store had a princess meet and greet today.  Addi had a hard time deciding which princess she would be but finally settled on Belle! (Please don't grow up...Addi)

June 27

We went to a little car show in Dallas! 

June 26

Free Movie Thursday!!

June 25

I started a new blog!  I have been tossing this idea around in my head for a long time and finally just decided to go for it!! Check it out here if you like to save money!!!

June 24

Yes...a little girl lives here! I was straightening up Addi's room and found this on the other side of her bed!

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23

My cousin's daughter (Emily) and her husband (Dave) came through town today on their way to a wedding.  We all met up for dinner! It was so nice to see them!!!

June 22

We went to the outdoor movie tonight at Taylor Farm Park.  It was a perfect night and we had the best time!!

June 21

This is Drew and Tasha's daughter, Sydney.  They met at birth and were each others very first friends.  I have a picture of them as babies in their car seats holding hands so I made them re enact the picture and neither one was real happy about it, LOL!

June 20

I have been looking forward to this day for the longest time.  My old friend and neighbor, Tasha was coming through town on their way to Florida and made a pit stop at out house.  We used to be so close and I haven't seen her in 11 long years.  We both cried when we saw each other and it was like she had never been away.  We took up right where we left off 11 years ago.

June 19

Look who made All-Stars!!!  Holley is a little tomboy and an awesome athlete!  She was chosen out of a huge amount of girls to play on this team!!

June 18

We went to eat dinner at Arby's tonight and this is what Addi insisted on wearing.  I just let her go....not fighting that battle.  Needless to say, she got LOTS of compliments!

June 17

Taylor and her new guy!  His name is David and she met him at college!  They make a cute couple, I think.

June 16

Popcorn for breakfast?  Took the kids to the free movies which started at 10 am! 

June 15

Happy Father's Day to my dad!  And my husband...and all of the other father's I know!

June 14

Selfie number 2!  At the concert!!

June 13

Girl's Trip!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (did I say love?) Joan Jett.  So I heard she was going to be doing a concert in Chattanooga, I decided to organize a road trip for the girls to go.  Me, Shannon, Taylor, Jackie and Belinda.  This is our selfie we did when we stopped to eat at Cracker Barrell!

June 12

Drew sent me this pic from camp.  He is always surrounded by girls.  he loves them....and they adore him.

June 11

Addi has VBS this week!  She is sooo excited. She has asked me about 879 times when it's time to go.  When we got there tonight, she literally ran all the way into the building.  I am so happy that she loves going!

Monday, June 16, 2014

June 10

So proud of my Drewby boy.  We got his CRCT test results in the mail today and he did awesome!!! He exceeded on everything except for Language Arts where he was just 4 points away from exceeding.  Way to go kiddo!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 9

Drew left for RUSH camp today with West Ridge (our church).  They are headed to Daytona Beach for the week!  Have fun, Drew!

Friday, June 13, 2014

June 7

Addi at Home Depot Kid's Workshop.  I adore these programs, they are so cute! (and did I say FREE??)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 6

Happy National Donut Day! 
(Addi, neighbor Malena, Drew)

    Thursday, June 5, 2014

    June 5

    It was blustery and cloudy all day today.  Then tonight it POURED down rain.  After it rained, Drew went outside and called me out there to this beautiful sky.  It was totally orange and there was a night.Very cool!

    June 4

    I have been complaining to Drew that I don't have enough pictures of him on my blog so he sent me this one of him at a pool party!  See that little teeny tiny head in the middle.  That's him!

    June 3

    Hair Appointment Day!  Finally!!!!

    June 2

    I took Addi (and our little neighbor Ellie) to the library for a magic show today!

    June 1

    Addi and Harper playing in the bathtub!

    May 31

    This girl is INTO EVERYTHING!!!  We had to get her out of the house today because I was exhausted from keeping her safe in my non baby proof house.  We went to Chick Fil A for dinner....and stayed for hours (until bedtime).

    May 30

    Look who has come to stay with us for a few days.  Miss Harper!